An Innovation Engine

We have a history of arriving first where others can only follow, leaving our industry guessing what we’ll do next. It is how we move sustainable purchasing forward while creating continual new products, services and avenues for our industry.

Calculated Risk

with our skin in the game.

From a CSA fundraiser started at the kitchen table of single mother to 650+ Chicago Public schools within 60 days during our first year, our original leap of faith has led us to many more that move local and sustainable food programs forward. But don’t be fooled. Behind each leap lies a dedicated team with years of technology and supply chain expertise.

2015 finds us actively sourcing in 17 states to a diverse purchasing population while providing meaningful and measurable economic benefit to farming communities. Our integration with existing customer logistics has allowed us to build sizeable distribution networks and strong relationships along the supply chain.

Flawless Execution

creates opportunity for scale.

Tech & Transparency

moves shared goals forward.

Today our robust database is offered as a search, research and commerce engine for national enterprise studies, industry agricultural intelligence, and custom program development with self-service tools. Our original model, designed as a transparent, industry-neutral platform, now merges previously siloed efforts to deliver powerful industry tools.

460 Farms Supported or Tracked

Farms Supported or Tracked

138 Distributors Engaged or Tracked

Distributors Engaged or Tracked

30 of food Moved Or Tracked

Millions Moved/Tracked

787 Varieties of Product

Varieties of Product