Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholders


The Agricultural Community:
Bringing Good Food To Life

Our services begin for those that grow our food. Our job is to make their products visible to viable institutional markets that might not find them otherwise. We also offer business support services, such as e-commerce, logistics management, billing management, farm network management and FSMA-compliance tools that bring full transparency to the supply chain. This group includes:
◊ Farms and Producers
◊ Processors
◊ Distributors

Without Them Nothing Moves
FarmLogix offers distributors outsourced order management, food safety, and harvest to plate transparency to implement local foods programs. Small farms come under FarmLogix' vendor status, providing a single source of contact and purchase for the distributor, while allowing small vendors to scale to new markets by their terms. We are proud to put our skin in the game for the following customer groups:
◊ Broadline Distribution
◊ Regional Produce Distributors
◊ Specialty Distributors

Making A Market

Institutional buyers create volume and demand that allow farms to plant with confidence in advance of the growing season. FarmLogix provides this group with a one-stop shopping experience that aggregates the supply of processed and whole fruits and vegetables, sustainable meats and other products that meet local and dietary menu and USDA requirements. This group also has access to our regional marketing libraries:
◊ Foodservice Management
◊ GPOs
◊ Institutions

Bringing The Movement Home
FarmLogix runs consumer box programs throughout the US that provide source identified healthy foods at home. Our programs allow for consistent content and branding in multiple regions, as well as data management on local farm impact by region. Program examples include seasonal CSA programs, meat boxes, cheese and charcuterie boxes, and other custom culinary programs for:
◊ National Retailers
◊ Foodservice Employees
◊ Foodservice Dining Patrons

Creating Supply Efficiencies

Aggregators rely on FarmLogix to find and market available products to institutional buyers. We also recommend crops to plant or purchase to meet regional institutional demand. Business services allow for the management of farm and distribution networks with cost-effective food safety, labeling, warehouse and supply chain transparency tools.
This group includes:
◊ Food Hubs
◊ Processors
◊ Farming Cooperatives

Non-Profit and Government:
The Demand Drivers

FarmLogix delivers on the demand created by the non-profit and governmental sectors. Our technology has gathered over $30M in purchasing data and delivers valuable benchmarks and metrics on industry initiatives. FarmLogix provides rare forums for private industry and public sectors to collaborate to move shared goals forward. Public sectors serviced through grants and projects include:
◊ The USDA
◊ State Depts. of Agriculture
◊ Non-profits and NGOs