Technology Tools

Technology Tools


Technology For The Seller:
Supply Aggregation and Business Management

Aggrega8, our patent pending technology, provides the online ability to aggregate products by region, allowing farmers and vendors of all sizes to participate in the institutional markets we serve. Participating vendors are provided with a dashboard to view and process their FarmLogix purchase orders and print invoices and bills of lading. Multi-tenant access provides farms, producers and food hubs a stand-alone suite of tools for e-commerce; PO, order and logistics management; the ability to enter harvest and food safety data to print labels and barcodes; and invoice management from a convenient dashboard. Aggrega8 beneficiaries include:

Farms: who focus on growing product while we sell
Food Hubs: who manage multi-farm orders and logistics
Distributors: who rely on our"Hub of Hubs' model to run local programs


Technology For The Buyer:
The Food You Need, As You Need It

Aggrega8's e-commerce functionality provides institutional buyers the ability to browse and purchase products from multiple vendors from one online dashboard. Farm identity and product attributes such as local, organic, humanely raised, vegetarian and gluten-free, are visible at time of order.

Customers sharing a common distributor can order available product independently, and orders are aggregated and transmitted to the distributor by FarmLogix. Orders are placed and transmitted well in advance of delivery date to accommodate institutional menu planning and distributor warehouse scheduling, and all products meet USDA nutritional guidelines. This program of pre-sold products reduces distributor risk and allows for support of small vendors in a way not before possible.

All participants can run reports on their local spend from their online dashboard. This program is offered to:

Institutions and GPOs: who run national programs
Hospital Systems: who manage multiple locations
Distributors: who aggregate demand from their customers


Industry Data, Metrics and Solutions:
For Private and Public Sectors

Behind FarmLogix' programs is an ever-growing database of increasing value to our industry. Our 2015 USDA LFPP Grant tracked 30M pounds of local food movement over a 3-year period, and was the largest study on local food provided to the USDA.  With Top 10 sales by crop, variety, region and business vertical, such as Education, Higher Education and Healthcare, the study assists farmers in planning and marketing their crops.

Currently FarmLogix is completing a year-long invoicing program for the USDA Pilot Project For The Procurement of Unprocessed Fruits and Vegetables for the Michigan Department of Education under a 2015 Specialty Crop Block Grant. The program streamlines the distributor and vendor invoice submission process while delivering detailed metrics on local spend.

FarmLogix also provides corporate and NGO sustainability reporting, beginning with a benchmark snapshot based on pre-determined goals. Monthly updates of purchasing data provides transparent access towards program goals while identifying additional opportunities for enhanced local and sustainable purchasing. Online dashboards provide multi-department access for internal research and marketing based on limitless sustainability metrics such as local, humanely raised, organic and fair trade practices. Individual clients can also access reporting based on their own sustainability objectives. Clients include:

Governmental Entities: for industry studies and programs
NGOs: to gather and measure member purchasing data
Corporations: to monitor enterprise sustainability programs