Self-Service Market/Reporting

Purchasing and Reporting


The Public and Private Marketplace:
Room For Everyone At The Table

The Open Fields Marketplace is where direct commerce occurs. Acting as a facilitator, FarmLogix provides secure connections for procurement where buyers and sellers connect within a fully transparent venue. Farms, food hubs and farmer's markets can connect to consumers directly, retailers can display locations to find products, and distributors can receive orders from existing foodservice and hospitality customers. 

Institutional licenses provide private branded marketplaces for institutional procurement from approved vendors and distributors at contracted pricing. 

There is room for everyone at the table, from the consumer through the large institutional industry participant. Participants include:

Farms and Food Hubs: to connect directly with buyers
Manufacturers: to connect directly or via distributors
Distributors: to manage sustainable program sales
Institutional Buyers and Consumers: for custom, transparent programming

Reporting and Analytics:
Transparency and Insight Drive The Movement Forward

Every search, every order, every warehoused item and every delivery creates a datapoint in our system. With purchase transactions dating back to 2013, this accounts for millions of sustainable purchasing transactions.

All users of both the public and private marketplaces have the ability to self-report by their location on the metrics that matter to them, including purchase by farm/vendor, sustainable attributes, food safety and sustainability certifications and practices, mileage to a location, and spend.  Foodservice and distributors can also access data from multiple locations and warehouses to analyze local and sustainable purchasing across business verticals and regions, as well as evaluate overall program performance.

Non-profit, GPO and NGOs are provided online management tools that allow members to upload sustainable purchasing data by location. The aggregation of this data provides insight into overall program performance, tells transparent regional and national stories, and identifies opportunities for program enhancement.

Governmental entities can also receive sales data from agricultural communities, State Departments Of Agriculture, and grant recipients to assess performance on program initiatives.  Aggregate reporting also provides the national storytelling that keeps funding in the sustainable foods space alive. Those who rely on FarmLogix for our data services include:

Farms and Food Hubs: for sales intelligence for crop planning 
Manufacturers: to discover new market opportunities
Distributors: to identify top-selling items by business vertical
Institutional Buyers and Foodservice: to create custom measurements for sustainable purchasing
Government and Non-Profits: to gather metrics from members and constituents